Bio Sculpture Gel / Evo

Flexible, Medium & Solid finishes.
Soak off gels are safely removed in 10-20 minutes.
Durable, yet flexible natural gel nail extensions.
Damage free nail hardening treatment that enhances growth of the natural nail.

Néle / gel combo

Nelé Naturalé is one of the most untold secrets in the nail industry. A balance between a natural looking and durable product was found in what we call an Acrylic Gel. Strength not seen before in gel and flexibility not seen in acrylic is now a reality in Nelé Naturalé

acrylic / gel combo

Acrylic nails have been a staple in the beauty industry for years, and this staying power has contributed to their ongoing popularity

maskscara / precision

MASKCARA brand of gel polish and following the success of our GEL-iT gel polish range

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